Ranking ISYS

1st and 2nd place for our apps in the ranking of best apps of ISYS Foundation :)

February 22th, 2017 apps, yotecuido, genhem, awards, news, 2017

A couple of days ago the ranking of 20 best health-related apps from the Foundation ISYS (Foundation Internet, Health and Society) and we received the great news that our first 2 apps ( YoTeCuido Alzhéimer and GenHem ), occupied the first and second place in the ranking respectively, competing with a selection of more than 300 apps that emerged in 2016.

Nueva web

New year, new web :)

February 17th, 2017 web, news, 2017

As the idiom says, the shoemaker's son always goes barefoot. That is what we used to mention about our old first website, born as a temporary one back in 2015, and barely updated until now. Why? Projects always had preference over, deadlines, doubts to address, emails to send, bureocracy and management... so the new expected website was far to be released...

campus acfa

New online courses in 2017: Campus ACFA

December 21st, 2016 online education, anticoagulation, hematology, cardiology

About the end of the year, it was comfirmed that in 2017, besides of II Campus Neodiadhema, we will have the privilege of design, implement and manage a new online Campus on the medical field. In this case, containing 2 courses which most likely will be available on april 2017, conforming the Campus ACFA.